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Trainwreckstv - Kick.com Streamer

Streaming statistics and channel data analysis for Kick.com streamer Trainwreckstv.

Trainwreckstv Overall Channel Performance (Last 30 Days)

Most Concurrent Live Viewers
Average Concurrent Live Viewers
Number of Streams
Air Time
3749 Minutes

Average Concurrent Viewers over Time

Trainwreckstv - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the peak concurrent viewership for Trainwreckstv in the last 30 days?
Trainwreckstvs maximum value for simultaneous viewers is 65861 (last 30 days)
How many people watch Trainwreckstv Kick.com streams on average?
22861 people watch Trainwreckstv Kick.com Streams on average (last 30 days)