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KickAnalyst.com - Kick Streaming Data Tracker

KickAnalyst.com collects streaming data from Kick.com and presents the data as charts and statistics to get insights about whats working on the Streaming Platform Kick.com.

Currently watched Games

# 1
27799 Viewers
# 3
16832 Viewers
# 4
12851 Viewers
# 5
7426 Viewers
# 6
4862 Viewers
# 7
3671 Viewers
# 8
3024 Viewers
# 9
2942 Viewers

Highest average viewers Channels

# 1
49429 Viewers
# 2
48499 Viewers
# 3
41412 Viewers
# 4
38627 Viewers
# 5
29606 Viewers
# 6
27836 Viewers
# 7
24653 Viewers
# 8
24108 Viewers
# 9
21711 Viewers
# 10
21202 Viewers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does KickAnalyst.com do?
KickAnalyst.com tracks the streams, games and channels of the streaming platform Kick.com. KickAnalyst.com collects historical and current data and shows which games and channels are currently trending on Kick.com.
Is KickAnalyst.com part of Kick.com?
No, KickAnalyst.com is not part of Kick.com. KickAnalyst.com is an analytics platform that obtains data from Kick.com and analyzes it in a variety of ways.
Is KickAnalyst.com free of charge?
Yes, KickAnalyst.com is free of charge.
Who do I contact with suggestions for improvement?
We are always happy to receive new ideas and suggestions for improvement. We are also happy when users point out bugs to us. For all these cases you can send us an email to [email protected].
Why can't I find information about my channel?
KickAnalyst.com tracks the Kick.com streaming platform at fixed intervals. In order for us to track your channel, you need to stream regularly to give our bots a chance to find your channel.
How often are the viewership numbers recorded?
Currently, we record the viewership of a stream in 10 minute intervals. However, since Kick has grown very quickly and there is no official API yet, we may have little to no coverage for smaller streams during American prime time. We are currently working on solutions for this. However, this may temporarily result in no/low data for small streamers in America.